Zina themble doll
Musical thimbles,
melody with each step,
vintage postcards written to loved ones
long ago.
farm fields, golden braids,
cool ponds for summer swimming,
hidden behind her closed eyes,
endless dreams like children running wild.

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"Mahal<br Continue reading

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GeckoCon 2018

small copper
From the land of sand and water,
matriarch of all powerful,
gentle, heroic, cunning and
silver-haired women.
She commands winds to blow,
rains to cleanse,
silly men to scurry, trees to bow
and geckos to populate the earth.
Her heart is blue ice,
her temper red fire and her powers
are above all others before and all those to come.


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Butterfly J. River

 Her age is unknown, but forever a hippy after watching a Woodstock documentary film at the age 5 with her aging parents on a homemade futon from the 60’s.  Accidentally transplanted in the unusual town of Gulfport, she became immersed in the whimsical, eclectic population of the little community, a place where people walked dogs, hairless cats, chatty parrots and spotted goats. Butterfly is easily recognizable wandering about on warm afternoons, covered in flowered tattoos, wearing rose colored glasses with matching hair and always, always accompanied by at least two of her growing family of lazy, green, chubby geckos. Welcome to Gulfport.

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Stones Like Jewels

Spain Beach Stone DollTall, golden, her hem encased in memories from old postcards. Adorned with precious stones gathered from a quiet beach in Spain. Seems like a life time ago.

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Bottle Pod Goddess

Bottle Tree DollTall Bottle Pod Goddess , or so she calls herself.
She consists of paper, clay, old silk curtains, made in USA dulled scissors and
bottle tree pods I harvested from an Arizona backyard.

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A Tribe of 3

threeA tall tribe of three, paper mache, clayshay, polymer clay, colored pencils, paint, fun.

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