I currently live in Florida, a place that lends itself to color, wall murals, lawn art and eclectic behavior; chickens are a popular pet.

I started making art dolls and odd creatures out of polymer clay, at my cozy kitchen table in Colorado many years ago.

Some of the dolls listed on this blog are available for purchase.  If you are interested in owning one of these ladies please feel free to contact me thru this website or at http://www.trollopsandpeacocks.yahoo.com.


19 Responses to About

  1. stacy adams says:

    i adore your ideas. very real. very tragic.so funny. simply wonderful.thank you for this contribution

  2. Lorri Huff says:

    A friend of mine has some of your dolls. She said her mom bought quite a few when you first got started in Colorado. You told her that she kept you in business. I absolutely love them and would like to purchase one but cannot get to your webpage. Tried Etsy and you weren’t there. Can you contact me?

    • Lorri Huff says:

      I would like to purchase one of your dolls. Can you contact me on what dolls are available?

      • ajlazarus123 says:

        Hello Lorri, I have a doll that is not found anywhere on the Trollops site. Her name is Tommy Stanford. Are you familiar with this doll?

      • Can you send me, Joan Allen, a photo of the doll Tommy Stanford? If she isn’t found anywhere on my site, it doesn’t mean she isn’t one of my creations. Are you looking to sell Tommy and I would like to know where and when she was purchased? The name sounds so familiar.

  3. Don Booth says:

    Glad to finally find a site with your dolls. I bought one of your creatures, Chiquita Hutton, in Denver back in the 90’s and wished I had bought more. Chiquita sends her kind regards and is living the good life in Portland, Or.

    • I seldom knew where all the ladies ended up. A couple of years ago a woman sent me a photo of a doll she found in the attic of a house she bought. Another bought one at a flea market. They seem to be making the rounds!
      Don, I’m delighted to hear that Chiquita is living the life in Portland! Did you buy her at Martin Lawrence?
      I’d love to see a picture of her if you have one!
      Thank you so much!

  4. Sandra Walker says:

    Hi Joan, I contacted you a while back about a mermaid I own and believe it was created by you. I bout it in Winthrop Maine at an antique mall. Before I could get back to you with a photo. my computer went down and I lost your address. Finally I am back online and have a photo of her. Would you please email me again so I can send you the photo. Thank you. Sandy

  5. Lorri Huff says:

    I am not familiar with Tommy Stanford. Would she be available for sale? Can you send a picture?

  6. f. rivera says:

    call me at 2143281301 leave message thanks!

  7. Lorri Huff says:

    Any of them for sale ?

  8. Lorri Huff says:

    I love Velda. How much is she & how do I acquire her?

  9. Marc says:

    Hello, your work is FANTASTIC. Do you still create? If so how do I find what pieces are available? I’m interested in freestanding or wall (brooch) pieces. I’m looking forward to your reply. Not certain how this site works I hope that you can reply directly. Thank you

  10. Susan Rudolph says:

    I own five of your dolls, all bought at Martin Lawrence galleries beginning in 1991. I’m interested in another one but can’t find dolls that are available on Etsy. Please send a list or photos so I can choose. Thank you, love these dolls!

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