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Butterfly J. River  Her age is unknown, but forever a hippy after watching a Woodstock documentary film at the age 5 with her aging parents on a homemade futon from the 60’s.  Accidentally transplanted in the unusual town of Gulfport, … Continue reading

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Stones Like Jewels

Tall, golden, her hem encased in memories from old postcards. Adorned with precious stones gathered from a quiet beach in Spain. Seems like a life time ago.

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Bottle Pod Goddess

Tall Bottle Pod Goddess , or so she calls herself. She consists of paper, clay, old silk curtains, made in USA dulled scissors and bottle tree pods I harvested from an Arizona backyard.

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A Tribe of 3

A tall tribe of three, paper mache, clayshay, polymer clay, colored pencils, paint, fun.

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Geneve, named herself, wasn’t always a mermaid, but found there weren’t many choices for one so slinky and long. She’s comfortable in cool waters or coiled on a warm rock and happy with the simple choices a mermaid needs to … Continue reading

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If I Could Fly

Dusty, carefully made the wings from scratch. Her grandmother taught her the secrets when she was small. She can be seen running down abandoned streets, hoping to catch a breeze that will lift her where she wants to go~ away.

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A Lady with Style

Glorious, a party girl by her own peculiar definition.Never, ever call her Glo.

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